Mobility on Demand with an Automated Vehicle: Successful Demo on Public Roads in Luxembourg!

20th and 21st June 2022

Finally, the time had come. With the receipt of the long-awaited exemption for the automated vehicle of the University of Luxembourg (SnT) to conduct tests on public roads, nothing stood in the way of testing Mobility on Demand. 

The test of the mobility concept took place together with the University of Lorraine, who developed an online reservation application especially for the TERMINAL project. Selected test persons had the opportunity to book a test ride on the Kirchberg plateau and to be transported from their starting point to their destination in the automated vehicle. 

The automated shuttle of the University of Luxembourg celebrated its debut on these days. More demonstrations will follow. 

A video of the test can be found here:

Expert Workshop «The Public Transport of Tomorrow: Sustainable and Innovative Mobility Concepts and their Consequences for the World of Work in the Public Transport Sector

04 May 2022

On May 04, the expert workshop below the topic «The public transport of tomorrow» took place at the TU Kaiserslautern. 

The field test with automated cross-border shuttles as well as the accompanying research on the topic of Mobility on Demand have enabled the project to gather numerous findings. The htw saar and the Institute for Mobility & Transport at the Technical University of Kaiserlautern were able to present and jointly discuss these findings in a workshop with an expert audience consisting of public transport authorities, mobility providers and transport authorities.


As part of an interactive task, the opportunities and risks of the use of autonomous vehicles in public transport were debated. In addition, conclusive mobility concepts in the area of mobility on demand were discussed. Based on the visions developed, there was ultimately a lively exchange about the change in qualification profiles in the mobility industry up to the year 2040.

The workshop provided the project with insightful findings that are essential for the further course of the project.

We thank all experts for their participation!


TERMINAL hosts resultful Monitoring Committee for former project year

February 16, 2022

The 2021 Project Monitoring Committee was held on February 16. Due to continuing pandemic conditions, the event was again held as an online event.

In addition to 13 present operational partners of the project and representatives of the INTERREG program, other interested parties and strategic project stakeholders participated. The big meeting gave the project the chance to report about all current developments as well as the project progress achieved in the past year.

INTERREG speaker Mr. Jego praised the project for its consistency and approach despite the loss of a project partner. Besides, he congratulated on the achievement of important milestones and for the successful continuation of the project.

Besides the successful completion of the practical test phase with the automated cross-border shuttle for commuters between France and Germany, further essential milestones for the continuation of the project were reached.

For the last year of the project, it is important to build up the few remaining milestones and to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

The date for the closing Monitoring Committee has already been set. We look forward to presenting the numerous results and recommendations for action to an expert audience in a final event on September 16, 2022.


Workshop with the accompanying drivers to evaluate the practical test phase

23rd November 2021

To round off the evaluation of the test field, the htw saar invited the drivers and the management of the KVS GmbH to a workshop.

During this event, the results of the trip logs regarding the use of the automated shuttle as well as special incidents and challenges with the automated system were discussed. In addition, all six drivers of the strategic partner had the opportunity to talk about their personal experiences and emotions as «driving operators».

All of the drivers volunteered to take part in the test. Main motivations for their participation were curiosity, technical interest and the opportunuty of driving a Tesla. It was an experience they would not want to miss.

The drivers are aware that mobility is changing and therefore want to participate in innovative developments to get an insight into what the future of a bus driver could look like.

A quote from one bus driver:

«Depending on what the future brings…But all in all, autonomous driving will come to us all in the distant future and that’s why we are getting to know it directly, best from the beginning!»

The field trial is also viewed positively by the management. Mr Michel, Managing Director of KVS GmbH saw the special opportunity to sensitise his specialised staff to the topic and assessed the free «loan» of bus drivers as a useful investment in the future:

«The world goes on and you have to prepare for it. While I could provide my staff with educational material and videos, there is nothing better than experimenting with automated driving yourself. And I also expect a multiplier effect in my own house.»

The Operations Manager, Dirk Joris adds that the experience gained has been so positive that involvement in future projects would be absolutely conceivable.

As the lead partner, the htw saar would like to take this opportunity to thank you the KVS GmbH on behalf of the entire consortium for their great support.


Successful third Advisory Board Meeting for TERMINAL

28th October 2021


Another milestone has been reached! On the 28th of October 2021, the third Advisory Board Meeting was successfully held.

Operational and strategic partners as well as other interested parties participated in the digital event. The operational project partners reported on current challenges, progress and milestones achieved. The practical test phase with commuters and citizens in the German-French use case is successfully and effectively completed. Currently, all collected data are analysed and be used for the evaluation of the field test.

In addition, the operational partners provided an outlook for the coming months. For the last year of the project there are many exciting milestones to be reached! The focus is particularly set on the implementation of the second use case for Mobility on Demand bertween France and Luxembourg.

We will keep you informed!

Automated and safe – Terminal research project invited for a test ride

Überherrn, September 4th 2021

The open day of the TERMINAL project in Überherrn took place in the best weather on 4 September 2021.
The event, organised by the htw saar and the Saarland Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour, Energy and Transport, was an opportunity for citizens to get to know the TERMINAL project with its practical field test. At the same time, the project team was able to sensitise those interested to innovative transport solutions.

All citizens had the opportunity to take a ride in a Tesla Model X with  activated Autopilot and thus get their own idea of an automated shuttle service. More than 30 people took advantage of this offer: They drove off silently and full of excitement and returned happy after a ten-minute drive. In particular, the high level of comfort and the quiet ride were perceived as a big plus compared to conventional public transport. The passengers were also able to determine where the limits of automation lie. Nevertheless, they would also recommend automated driving to friends, family and colleagues, as they stated in the survey.

[ngg src=»galleries» ids=»12″ display=»basic_thumbnail» thumbnail_crop=»0″]    Photos: htw saar

The supporters of the project were also among the passengers : The mayor of Überherrn, Mrs. Yliniva-Hoffmann and the head of the village, Mr. Zenner, as well as Mr. Dastillung, president of the municipal association Warndt (France) and his staff were able to take part in a test ride and afterwards talk to the project managers and discussed with the local bus operator (Mr. Michel, managing director of KVS GmbH) about how the the future public transport service may look like.

In the early afternoon, the Saarland Minister of Transport, Anke Rehlinger, paid a visit to the project stand. In addition to a test drive with one of the people responsible for the project, Prof. Dr. Horst Wieker (head of the research group for transport telematics, htw saar), the minister was able to get first-hand feedback from the commuters: Giovanna Stambene has been driving since the start of the operational test and is enthusiastic: «I live in France and work in Häsfeld and I think it’s really great that such a cross-border offer is coming about.» When asked by the minister if she has ever experienced a critical situation in which she felt unsafe, Giovanna replies, «Not at all, an accident can happen to me with my own car. Here, the drivers are still there for safety and I arrive at work totally relaxed!»

Another convinced test person, Christian Paulus, who had brought his family with him, also told the project team that he regretted that the practical phase was already coming to an end in three weeks. He will miss the shuttle service. A statement that prompted the minister to leave the stand with a positive view of the future: » I am glad that we have now reached the practical phase of the project and can show a nice demonstrator of automated driving in Saarland.»

Many thanks to the municipality of Überherrn for its support during the organisation of the event!


Open Day

Überherrn, 4th September 2021

Inform – Play – Win

Next Saturday, the TERMINAL project invites you to an open day.

From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., project staff will be available to provide information to interested parties and answer any questions.

The aim of this event is to introduce the crossborder automated shuttle service to the local population and to give them the opportunity to experience autom ated driving for themselves in a test ride.

Just come along!

First citizen dialogue: INFORM on June 16th 2021

The practical test will take place very soon and we are delighted to invite you to our first information event.

WHEN? June 16th, 2021 at 6pm

WHERE? Zoom Video conference

We will inform you about the objectives of the project, present you the planned test drives and the used automated vehicles and answer your questions.

Languages : French and German with simultaneous translation

Register for free under: Registration

Presentation of the project in Überherrn

March 25th 2021

One week after Creutzwald, it was now the turn of the German municipality of Überherrn.

The representatives of the TERMINAL project, Professor Wieker, Niclas Wolniak and Isabelle Rösler presented the progress of the project to the Überherrn municipal council and outlined the details of the upcoming practical test phase.

Many thanks to the municipality of Überherrn and especially to the mayor Mrs Yliniva-Hoffmann for this opportunity!



Presentation of the project in Creutzwald

March, 18th 2021

The representatives of the project TERMINAL, Mrs. Isabelle Rösler and Mr. Thomas Bousonville presented the progress and details of the project to the municipal Council of the association of local municipalities  Warndt in Creutzwald on March, 18th 2021.

The regional press was also present and reported on the event by publishing an article in the daily newspaper «Républicain Lorrain» on March 22nd to mention this project, which is unique in Europe and for which volunteers are being sought to test the mobility concept.

Note for interested cross-border commuters!

To the newspaper article

Impressions of the evenining from the homepage CC Warndt

Many thanks to the association of municipalities Warndt for this great opportunity!

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