Schengen: Launch of the tri-national experimental site for automated driving

Schengen, April 3rd 2019

A profusion of personalities met yesterday in Schengen, where the Transport Ministers of Germany, France, Luxembourg and Saarland officially open the cross-border testing ground for autonomous driving in the three-border region.

The first transnational experimental site offers companies and researchers a space to test deployment scenarios and new technologies across borders, on all types of roads.

This event, which included a round table, project presentations and live road tests, was another opportunity for the TERMINAL project to shine in the spotlight.
Anke Rehlinger, the Saarland Minister of Transport, said:

“Mobility only makes sense if it works across borders. On the experimental site, we are testing innovative steps towards mobility concepts.”

With the intention of offering frontier workers a new option for transport by electric and automated minibuses, the TERMINAL project pursues concrete objectives to improve mobility, in particular for commuters. Jonas Vogt of the htw saar Road Telematics research group presented the project and the context of the research as follows:

“We have 50 million commuters per year in the region, most of whom travel by car. This means that our roads are congested. We need other means of transport.”

Saarland’s Minister of Transport Anke Rehlinger expects significant benefits from some of the innovations in autonomous driving:

“The results will help us to better adapt cross-border public transport conditions to customer needs.”

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